Snickers Workwear’s broad product range offers a solution for every need. From work trousers, jackets, shirts, base layers and overalls to knee protection, tool vests, accessories and more.

Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear that combines fantastic fit and work comfort with durable advanced functionality. The ultimate choice for daily work in all types of work environments Durable design for tough jobs. Snickers Workwear, durable Snickers workwear jacket that combine an outstanding fit with enhanced functionality. For the professionals who need equipment they can trust in demanding environments.

Snickers Workwear retailers

Snickers Workwear retailers is leading the development of advanced Snickers Workwear retailers and with the new generation of snickers workwear jacket we are taking another step. With our new concept, we introduce four different jackets families, all of which are adapted to different needs and different types of work. All are designed for superior work comfort in every step with Snickers workwear retailers you can count on reliable protection with advanced materials, regardless of the season. From winter to summer, we have the right Snickers workwear retailers that is designed for your needs at work.

LiteWork, RuffWork and AllroundWork

Snickers workwear trousers combine fantastic fit and durable comfort with advanced functionality. Superior knee protection, built-in ventilation and stretch wedge in the crotch for really all-round work FlexiWork, trousers + with holster pockets Extreme work comfort and flexibility. Super light trousers with a high-tech body-mapped design that combines ventilating stretch material with reinforcements and holster pockets for outstanding freedom of movement and functionality. AllroundWork, trousers with holster pockets.

Snickers Workwear Snickers Workwear
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  1. Long Sleeve Shirt
    As low as 154,34 €
  2. Waterproof Set
    As low as 120,75 €
  3. Rain Jacket PU
    As low as 121,15 €
  4. 37.5® Insulator Jacket
    As low as 93,45 €
  5. Fleece Hoodie
    As low as 68,25 €
  6. Neon Vest
    As low as 92,97 €
  7. Neon Jacket
    As low as 123,96 €
  8. Neon Full Zip Hoodie
    As low as 134,29 €
  9. Fleece Vest
    As low as 61,98 €
  10. Fleece Jacket
    As low as 72,31 €
  11. 37.5® Fleece Jacket
    As low as 89,25 €
  12. Service Women's Trousers
    As low as 60,64 €
  13. Waterproof Shell Trousers
    As low as 331,36 €
  14. Service Chinos
    As low as 51,82 €
  15. Trousers
    As low as 241,82 €
  16. Canvas+ Work Trousers+
    As low as 110,25 €
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