Marine Safety Shoe

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Monitor Marine Monitex Boa is equipped with all the best materials for a durable and waterproof shoe. First of all, a few words about the M-RR outsole, which is a completely new technology that is revolutionising the work shoe and ensuring that long days on a hard floor are no longer a challenge, but a pleasure. The material in the sole is called Rebound and it is a brand-new material that has better cushioning and better stability, as well as a significantly longer lifespan and greater durability than comparable sole materials on the market. The outsole is made of non-slip rubber with SRC properties. The upper is made of HyperTex, which is a material with extreme durability and performance. Underneath the Hypertex material is a Monitex membrane, which makes the shoe waterproof but maintains breathability. The shoe is equipped with Monitor’s SS 2.0 polyurethane insole with ESD function and extreme comfort, as well as a BOA® lacing system.
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Gender: Unisex