Hi-Vis Waistcoats

Hi vis vest

Lightweight and durable hi vis vest with zipper and reflectors around the perimeter so you can be seen from all directions. Certified according to class 2 hi vis vests with high visibility. Fluorescent yellow reflective vest to make you visible in the dark. Here you will find everything from certified class 3, 2 and 1 high-vision hi vis vests to unclassified reflective vests in many different colors red, orange and yellow hi vis vest for all needs and light hi-vis vest that’s truly visible vest in a fluorescent fabric that is both hardwearing and flexible.

Cheap hi vis vests

Cheap hi vis vests and durable hi vis vests with zipper and reflectors around the perimeter so you can be seen from all directions. Lightweight vest with high visibility. Reflective tape all around, including on the sleeves, so that you can be seen from all directions. Zipper front and smart openings on the side so you can access your regular pockets. Make sure you are visible! Cheap hi vis vest orange made of fluorescent lined hi vis waistcoats, durable and flexible. Wide reflective stripes also on the shoulders make you visible from all directions. Hi vis waistcoats and comfortable hi vis vest with arrow lining that is suitable for several professions and can be worn all year round with many practical pockets for tools and accessories.

hi vis vests in yellow electricity orange

Hi vis waistcoats are water and dirt repellent, have a hidden powerful one-way zipper. It has several practical pockets with a zipper and a rear kangaroo pocket for an orange high visibility waistcoat. For extra comfort, the back is extended and the bottom edge is adjustable with a drawstring. Modern high visibility waistcoat red in hi vis vest made of waterproof fabric that breathes. The vest has a high collar and a soft hi vis vest and comfortable high visibility waistcoat with pile lining suitable for several professions that can be used.

hi vis vest high visibility waistcoat
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  1. High vis softshell vest
    As low as 98,00 €
  2. High vis tool vest 1
    As low as 133,00 €
  3. High vis Vest
    As low as 24,00 €
  4. High vis Tool Vest
    As low as 94,00 €
  5. High vis vest class 3
    As low as 31,00 €
  6. Neon Vest
    As low as 92,97 €
  7. High-Vis Vest Class 2
    As low as 15,88 €
  8. High-Vis Tool Vest Class 1
    As low as 112,46 €
  9. Vest, High-Vis Class 3
    As low as 57,87 €
  10. Vest, High-Vis Class 1
    As low as 283,97 €
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