FR Trousers

FR trousers

Our range of flame retardant trousers is wide and suitable for you who work in environments where there is a risk of arcs, work with molten metal, in the petrochemical industry or in the electric power industry. Our flame retardant trousers are certified for welding and chemical splash protection. Flameproof work trousers with adjustable waist for a good fit. are comfortable, durable and fit well. We offer a wide range of both flameproof flame resistant trousers that have been developed in close collaboration with ours are durable and have practical pockets with lids to facilitate the working day. fabric is inherently flame retardant, which means that the flame retardant properties are naturally present in its fibres for increased industrial life, exposed pockets flame resistant trousers are reinforced with double material.

Cheap flame resistant trousers

Cheap FR trousers are used by electricians, welders, workers in high voltage environments and foundries, as well as in the marine and petrochemical industries. Cheap flame retardant trousers wide range makes it easy to find the optimal durable flame retardant trousers and fire resistant trousers with flame retardant trousers built into the fiber structure. Fire retardant trousers as well as flexible and practical offer you the ultimate protection when working in harsh environments precisely your profession and your risk assessment fr trousers so that fr work trousers can be safer at work.

How do I find flameproof work trousers

Most of the flameproof work trousers garments in our range are  the flame retardant properties are naturally present in its fibres and all are carefully tested in terms of everything from abrasion resistance fire retardant trousers and tear and tensile strength to usability and comfort. FR trousers with a women’s cut, for maximum protection working in tough environments. comprehensive layer-by-layer tests and certifying various garment combinations, we can provide accurate for extended life, exposed pockets are fr trousers reinforced with double material. for the increased protection achieved when the different fabric is Inherent, which means that flameproof work trousers are built into the structure of fire retardant trousers flame retardant trousers with stretch function ideal work trousers with a high level for people who work in exposed environments.

fr trousers fire retardant trousers
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  1. Waterproof Shell Trousers
    As low as 331,36 €
  2. Trousers
    As low as 241,82 €
  3. Insulated Trousers
    As low as 402,00 €
  4. Shorts, High-Vis Class 1
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  5. Work Trousers
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  6. Multinorm shell trousers
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  7. Multinorm trousers
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  8. Multinorm craftsman trousers
    As low as 177,00 €
  9. Multinorm Inherent trousers
    As low as 188,00 €
  10. Multinorm inherent trousers
    As low as 206,00 €
  11. Multinorm Inherent trousers
    As low as 210,00 €
  12. Multinorm inherent trousers
    As low as 227,00 €
  13. Anti-Flame Trousers
    As low as 122,00 €
  14. Multinorm Craftsman Trousers
    As low as 188,00 €
  15. Multinorm Craftsman Trousers
    As low as 199,00 €
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