The objective of Blaklader is based in challenge to develop products that make your workday safer, simpler and more comfortable. Well - dressed, fine and safe, inside out. Blåkläder are the only ones who offer a lifetime guarantee for its clothing.


Blaklader, which is a company in professional clothing, develops, produces and sells Blaklader, gloves and shoes for professionals with high demands on function, quality and design. Head office and product development are located in Sweden. Blåkläder is a company in professional work clothing that develops, produces and sells Blaklader Workwear, gloves and shoes for professionals with high demands on function, quality and design. Head office and product development are located in Sweden.

Blaklader produces Blaklader jacket for everyone who builds and develops society for the future. To give tomorrow the best conditions requires courage, will, ingenuity and a will to take responsibility. We see Blaklader as a tool to do a better and safer job and know that quality pays off, especially if the seams last a lifetime. Therefore, as the only manufacturer of Blaklader jacket, we provide a lifetime guarantee on the seams in many of our garments. Proper washing, care and storage of your work clothes is important for the garment's durability, function and maintained comfort. This is also a prerequisite for various safety features to be guaranteed. For example, a warning garment that is dirty may reflect light worse. Here are some washing and care tips.

Blaklader retailer

Depending on what profession you have Blaklader retailer and in what environment you live in, you set different requirements for your workplaces. At Blåkläder Workwear, we are driven by creating professional clothing that meets all your requirements and maximizes your work effort. A work garment should have bra durability and functionality but also stylish design lady and comfort. To facilitate your choice of Blaklader retailer here you get the help on the road you need. On a scale from 1-7 the Blaklader retailer durability functionality and comfort are described. Retailers do not compromise on quality, so why should you?

Blaklader jacket

Equip Blaklader retailer properly in notice. Blaklader's ergonomic warning clothing works for both indoor and outdoor work where you have to look good. The garments are made of high quality materials to ensure the maintained level of safety, wash after wash. Blue clothing retailers have taken great care of the details e.g. wide reflex solutions also on the shoulders make you visible from all directions, even from above and when you bend down. Discover our smart pocket solutions that keep your most important tools within reach. Our warning collection is one of the widest in the industry, both in the number of models and in color combinations. Our latest addition is red notice.


Blaklader's customers are professionals with high demands on function, quality and design. The company is one of Sweden's largest manufacturers of Blaklader shoes in the heavier Blåkläder workwear segment, which is constantly growing thanks to loyal customers who see no reason to change producers. Every year, approximately two million garments are manufactured at Blaklader's factories. With its 14 subsidiaries in Europe and the USA, Blaklader shoes is one of the market's largest players in Blaklader Workwear retailers.

Personal protective equipment is equipment that protects the wearer against one or more Blaklader's new catalog has just come out. In order to sell personal protective equipment within the EU, you are obliged to comply with Directive 89/686 / EC, which is the European directive that regulates PPE products. The directive regulates requirements regarding function, marking, technical documentation and the CE marking process. Personal protective equipment is divided, in accordance with Blaklader.

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  1. Polo shirt
    As low as 31,00 €
  2. Ladies Polo Shirt
    As low as 22,00 €
  3. Polo Shirt
    As low as 22,00 €
  4. Polo shirt
    As low as 28,00 €
  5. Ladies Polo Shirt
    As low as 31,00 €
  6. Pique UV-protection
    As low as 36,00 €
  7. Polo shirt long sleeved
    As low as 33,00 €
  8. UV Polo Shirt High vis
    As low as 55,00 €
  9. High Vis Polo shirt
    As low as 54,00 €
  10. Polo shirt Limited
    As low as 31,00 €
  11. High Vis Softshell jacket
    As low as 124,00 €
  12. Industry jacket stretch
    As low as 70,00 €
  13. High vis Softshell Jacket
    As low as 140,00 €
  14. High Vis Shell jacket
    As low as 250,00 €
  15. Ladies softshell jacket
    As low as 134,00 €
  16. Pile jacket
    As low as 70,00 €
  17. Flame retardant beanie
    As low as 30,00 €
  18. Hammer holder
    As low as 5,00 €
  19. Transfer Reinforcement
    As low as 12,00 €
  20. Fleece hat
    As low as 10,00 €
  21. Flame retardant balaclava
    As low as 28,00 €
  22. Neck protection inherent
    As low as 31,00 €
  23. Balaclava inherent
    As low as 33,00 €
  24. Knitted hat
    As low as 14,00 €
  25. ID-pocket
    As low as 9,00 €
  26. Hammer holder
    As low as 10,00 €
  27. Nail pockets
    As low as 18,00 €
  28. Vulcanized Kneepocket
    As low as 14,00 €
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